Fastest and most Expressive Tongue in the West … the East … and Central

Ben's Dog Tongue

When Ben passed away in October, I was left going through thousands and thousands of photos of him and, in the process, one of the very telling parts of his personality was expressed again and again … and that was the constance of his tongue. It found it’s way into both hearts … and almost…

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Honey Bee’Lixir (English Ale) Railway City Brewing Company

Bee'lixir (landscape label)

Floats like cloud and drinks like a bee, this is the latest from Railway City … Rating → 79 points Stats: English Ale. 5% ABV. 29 IBUs. St Thomas, Ontario. Size: 750mL bottle Colour: Dark red-brown amber — perfectly filtered Mouth Feel: Medium-low, natural carbonation; relatively flat on the tongue with a low specific gravity….

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Serenity’s Memory

Serenity Asleep

For longest time, serenity was my space filled by just a presence; serenity was the presence that filled my space; it was space filled by the presence of serenity. Serenity is now a memory of that space filled. Memories of serenity fill my space. My space is now memories of serenity…. We were each other’s serenity….

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“Winter Beard” (Double Chocolate Stout), Muskoka Brewery

Muskoka Winter Beard

If our current culture has hit ‘peak beard,’ then this is surely the crowning glory … at to that some ‘peak chocolate’ and you have sin in a glass. Rating → 95 points Stats:  Chocolate Stout. 8.0% ABV, Bracebridge, Ontario. Size:  750mL Colour: Dark, nearly impervious deep brown with the slimmest of ‘red’ when backlit…

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“Enlightenment” (Belgian Ale), Renaissance Brewing Company

Renaissance Enlightenment

“Perhaps its inevitable, perhaps one has to choose between being nothing at all and impersonating what one is.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre, The Age of Reason Rating → 68 points Stats: Belgian Ale. 6.5% ABV. Marlborough, New Zealand. Size: 500mL bottle Colour: Muddy brown amber Mouth Feel: High carbonation obliterates the mouthfeel Purchased: LCBO Price: $6.95 Pairing…

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Winter’s Capital

Frozen Parliament Hill 1

Yes, at the risk of furthering certain stereotypes of Canada and our nation’s capital, it seemed only fitting to end this series by publishing images of our Parliament under the cloak of last week’s ice storm. While some may prefer these in colour, I think, again, the black and white treatment suits the embattled limestone…

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A Silver Sky ~ a study in black and white

Frozen Trees (BW) 2

To see the world with different eyes is to live differently. There is an incredible beauty to the snow, trees, and ice again a perfect and rich blue sky … which was on display when I took these, the next to last in my Ice Storm series. Yet to take away the colour of the…

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From Shadows into Dream

From Shadows to Dream (L)

Falling From the light into the darkness Heart breaks Aching For starlight To steal the night. Walking From darkness into light Heart swells Whole and healthy Beating Sunshine into The rhythm of your veins Rising From shadows into dream. All text and images © Dale Schierbeck See more of others’ submissions to the Daily Post…

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Tails of Ice


Entranced by the colours of these warm ‘cattails’ … or ‘bull-rushes’ as we called them when I grew up. I still remember vividly the effect my childish hoarding of the fall rushes in my father’s shed had one warm day in spring when they all burst back to life and filled the shed and all…

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