Sunturnbrew (Barley Wine) – Nøgne Ø Brewing Co.

Sunturnbrew Barley Wine

Smoked and then more smoked … there is nothing about this beer that is subtle. Rating → 83 points Stats:  Barley Wine. 11% ABV. 50 IBUs. Grimstad, Norway. Size: 500mL bottle Colour: Dark brown with auburn undertones Mouth Feel: Low carbonation — sweet and soft on the tongue. Purchased:  LCBO Price: $5.15 Pairings: On it’s own…

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Love in Ten Lines

Yesterday, I was challenged by by Dale Rogerson to write about “love in 10 lines” (the challenge and her own contribution are here). The challenge required that I use only 10 lines, that each line could only have four words, and each line had to itself contain the word love. My response to the challenge…

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Wall of Light and Colour …

Brettos Bar

Walls can be constructed of almost anything and in their construction they are a way and an end. Between two neighbours, they are a boundary. Set low, they create pathways. Built high, strewn with razor wire, they are borders between ideology. Built beneath, they project edifices into the sky and remind us of our power….

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Sicilian Orange and Watercress Salad

Sicilian Orange Salad with Watercress

As the aphorism goes, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade — but when Sicilians give you oranges, make a salad. For the past few months, since Ben’s passing, I’ve largely immersed myself in my writing. There has been the occasional burst of  photography, but mostly I’ve been immersed in my writing. That’s because with…

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Crystal Heart

Crystal Heart (poem)

In your love, my heart beats crystal Your lips spark embers in the night Your whisper the bellows of the forge Breathing life into my molten glass And make glow my soul with fire and light. Pull me, turn me, inflate my heart Present me within a sunbeam bright Cast my prisms on the world…

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“The Darkness” (Oatmeal Stout) Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Darkness (Beyond the Pale)

Pour chocolate into me and lick me clean …. Rating → 84 points Stats: Oatmeal Stout. 5.6% ABV. 30 IBUs. Ottawa, Ontario. Size: Half-growler Colour: Dark, dark brown — impenetrable Mouth Feel: Medium, very natural carbonation; light in the mouth, creamy in the middle, clean finish Purchased: From Brewery Price: $7 (plus $3 bottle deposit) Pairing Notes:…

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Monarch’s Reward

Monarch_Reward (2)

Few if any other creatures have to work as hard as they do for their reward than the ephemeral monarch whose journey will take it from toe to tip of this continent in search of milkweed. While milkweed is the monarch’s reward for its thousands of kilometer long flights, milkweed is also disappearing as part…

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Symmetry’s Scimitar

Symmetry's Scimitar (landscape)

While I truly love the symmetry of this picture with the crescent moon hanging between the trees as if strung along an invisible clothesline, the image below is actually my favourite in this series because even though slightly off symmetrical, the addition of the path brings mystery to this otherwise pastoral composition. All text and…

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Mission Accomplished (American IPA) Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

Beau's Mission Accomplished (coaster)

Well, smack my tongue and call me shaven …. Rating → 79 points Stats:  American IPA. 6.7% ABV. 65 IBUs. Vankleek Hill, Ontario. Size: 600mL bottle Colour: Dark gold Mouth Feel: Medium-low carbonation. Crisp with some bit and bitterness from beginning to end, but with a silky smooth finish. Purchased:  LCBO Price: $24 (for Mix Pack)…

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