Symmetry’s Scimitar

Symmetry's Scimitar (landscape)

While I truly love the symmetry of this picture with the crescent moon hanging between the trees as if strung along an invisible clothesline, the image below is actually my favourite in this series because even though slightly off symmetrical, the addition of the path brings mystery to this otherwise pastoral composition. All text and…

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Mission Accomplished (American IPA) Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

Beau's Mission Accomplished (coaster)

Well, smack my tongue and call me shaven …. Rating → 79 points Stats:  American IPA. 6.7% ABV. 65 IBUs. Vankleek Hill, Ontario. Size: 600mL bottle Colour: Dark gold Mouth Feel: Medium-low carbonation. Crisp with some bit and bitterness from beginning to end, but with a silky smooth finish. Purchased:  LCBO Price: $24 (for Mix Pack)…

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Scale: The Theory of Everything

Scaled - theory of everything

In perspective there is relativity — and in relativity, anything is possible. Time can stop and time can fly; space can explode into infinity and space can contract to nothingness. And in that perspective, there is scale, where giant canopies can grow from mushrooms and a forest can become a bed of ferns. All text…

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St Luke’s Verse (Gruit) Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

Best of Beaus St Luke's Verse (landscape)

Serve me warm and dip me in olive oil … and call me wonderful. Rating → 89 points Stats:  Gruit. 5.7% ABV. 11 IBUs. Vankleek Hill, Ontario. Size: 600mL bottle Colour: Light copper – dark gold Mouth Feel: Medium-low but tight carbonation, that fades quickly. Refreshing and creamy finish. Purchased:  LCBO Price: $24 (for Mix Pack)…

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Winter Brewed (Coffee Amber) Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

Beau's Winter Brewed (landscape)

The Best of Beau’s — a mix pack you must get. Rating → 89 points Stats:  Old Ale. 6% ABV. 25 IBUs. Vankleek Hill, Ontario. Size: 600mL bottle Colour: Dark amber — the colour of a well-steeped Earl Grey tea or a weak, reddish coffee Mouth Feel: Medium-low but tight carbonation, that fades quickly. Refreshing and…

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Pad Thai (authentic)

Pad Thai15

Thai food is a hugely popular cuisine, of that there is no question. It’s one which many enjoy … and enjoy year round. But as I post this recipe, I also reflect that it is a cuisine I seem especially drawn to in the colder and winter months — perhaps it is because the warmth…

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Depth of Fall

Depth of Falls1

The play of depth of field in balance with one of the deepest depressions in North America seemed an ‘obvious’ choice for this particular challenge. While it is the width of the lens and the photo that is really at work, the effect is an incredible depth of field that just draws me in further…

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“Brutal IPA” (American Pale Ale) Rogue Ales

Rogue Brutal IPA (landscape)

We are “… a global alliance without borders, its citizenry possessing an unswerving allegiance to the Rogue within, unfettered by limitations imposed by others, commonly-accepted BS or rules totally lacking reason.” Rating: 91 points Stats:  American Pale Ale. 6.2% ABV. 46 IBUs. Newport, Oregon. Size: 650mL Colour: Dark golden, hint of amber Mouth Feel: low…

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Fastest and most Expressive Tongue in the West … the East … and Central

Ben's Dog Tongue

When Ben passed away in October, I was left going through thousands and thousands of photos of him and, in the process, one of the very telling parts of his personality was expressed again and again … and that was the constance of his tongue. It found it’s way into both hearts … and almost…

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Honey Bee’Lixir (English Ale) Railway City Brewing Company

Bee'lixir (landscape label)

Floats like cloud and drinks like a bee, this is the latest from Railway City … Rating → 79 points Stats: English Ale. 5% ABV. 29 IBUs. St Thomas, Ontario. Size: 750mL bottle Colour: Dark red-brown amber — perfectly filtered Mouth Feel: Medium-low, natural carbonation; relatively flat on the tongue with a low specific gravity….

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