Fire and Blood (Red Ale) Ommegang Brewery

Fire and Blood (Red Ale) Ommegang Brewery (landscape)

There can be only one … but this isn’t it. Rating: 78 points Stats: Red Ale. 6.8% ABV. Cooperstown, NY. Size: 750 mL bottle Colour: Deep red amber, slightly unfiltered (on lees) Mouth Feel: Medium carbonation with a very dry finish Purchased: LCBO Price: $9.95 Pairing Notes: Beef fajitas I know: I’ve been on a bit…

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Holiday Favourites from my Kitchen

Adding Forty Creek Whisky to eggnog

Christmas time is certainly the season for both giving and receiving … and nothing gives me more pleasure, to give or to receive, than the food of the holiday season. So my gifts to you this season are my best holiday-inspired recipes that came out of my kitchen … each made with love and a…

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In the Twinkle of the Tongue

Twinkle Splash of Light

In the twinkle of the splash Lighted rings hold us tight A tongue erupts from the gash Imprints our eye with silver light And as the pebble falls below Heaven paints the liquid fabric Wrap my dreams in sunshine glow Wisps of graphic that flit like magic. All text and images © Dale Schierbeck See…

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Hop Nouveau 2014 (American IPA) Trafalgar Ales & Meads

Hop Nouveau (wet hopped ale)

Pour cautiously our you’ll have wet hopped everything around you too …. Rating: 87 points Stats: American IPA. 5% ABV. Oakville, Ontario. Size: 650 mL bottle Colour: Slightly turbid straw Mouth Feel: High carbonation but very dry throughout Purchased: LCBO Price: $6.95 Pairing Notes: n/a Ok, so 30mL into pouring this beer, it was already evident…

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Lost and Found

Lost and Found3

Lost starving in an iron labyrinth of  kiosks Found darting through the scurry of strange feet Lost to the offer of escape Found staring through the open door Lost your fear Found my playfulness Lost a country Found a home Lost a mother Found resilience Lost your place sleeping at my feet Found your way…

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Outburst (Imperial IPA) Pyramid Breweries

Beer Review Pyramid Outburst DIPA (close up)

Not all those with imperial blood get to be king … Rating: 85 points Stats: Double IPA. 8.5% ABV. Seattle, Washington. Size: 650 mL bottle Colour: Perfectly clear, warm amber Mouth Feel: Medium-low carbonation, creamy with a dry finish Purchased: LCBO Price: $4.95 Pairing Notes: n/a It seems only right that after my tepid review of an…

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Pull Me In

Pull Me In

pull Me in have your Tongue lick me dry curl the Tear from my eye suck the Droplet from my skin until i Converge with you within.   All text and images © Dale Schierbeck See more of others submissions to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge on “Convergence.” Like this:Like Loading…

Diable au Corps (Imperial IPA) Les Brasseurs du Temps (BDT)

Review BDT Imperial IPA (feature)

“The Devil in the Flesh” … or in these malted waters at least. Rating: 83 points Stats: Double IPA. 10% ABV. Gatineau, Quebec. Size: 750 mL bottle Colour: Unfiltered orange-blonde Mouth Feel: Medium carbonation, creamy and smooth finish. Purchased: Brouehaha Price: $10.25 Pairing Notes: n/a So to all the red-headed women out there, no, this bottle is…

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“Harvest Ale” (American Pale Ale), Muskoka Brewery

Review Muskoka Harvest Ale (front label)

A new offering from a brewery that makes an impression for its limited and season runs. Rating: 88 points Stats:  American Pale Ale. 7.0% ABV, Bracebridge, Ontario. Size:  750mL Colour: Thick, dark, perfect amber. Mouth Feel: Medium carbonation; creamy middle. Dry finish. Purchased:  LCBO Cost: $8.95 Pairing Notes: n/a So here’s another limited run beer from a brewery that has challenged…

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